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Rochard | Rock is hard, John Rochard is harder

Although I am really busy right now, preparing my position for a new job (I will write more about this sometime later) you have to relax from time to time. If you like relaxing with a good game at hand, then check out Rochard on steam. That is a nice little but great puzzle platformer utilizing the space miners version of an swiss army knife combining a gravity manipulator, a gravity inverter and a multi bullet cannon.

Rochard is playing in a texan / western styled universe, a bit like Firefly. It starts of with great music from one of my favorite bands Poets of the Fall who also wrote the Soundtrack for the first Max Payne. Introducing you as John Rochard, an unlucky space miner employed by the Skyrig Corporation on a space mining facility in some asteroid field in the middle of nowhere (no that one in oklahoma ;-)). After discovering an alien artifact, and his team gone missing the facility gets attacked by bandits and John is finding himself in a story of intrigues, puzzles and casual shootouts.

The game is fun to play, not too long, the story is really entertaining and well told, but the puzzles could be a bit more difficult for my taste. The jokes are great and you feel how much love the developers put into the details. And the southern Blues/Rock music really creates the right atmosphere. And for a bit of more long term engagement, you can collect some nice steam badges.

I bought it in a sale on steam, and it was really worth it.